Women's Basketball Tiebreaking Procedures
Thursday, March 3, 2011

To determine seedings for the State Farm Missouri Valley Conference Women’s Basketball Tournament, in the event of a tie for any position within the standings, ties shall be broken as follows:

1.  Winner of head-to-head competition;

2.  If three or more teams are tied, regular-season competition among the tied teams shall be pooled into a “mini round-robin.”  Teams shall be ranked according to their position in such a round-robin.

For example, Teams A, B and C have identical conference marks.  Team A is 2-0 vs. Team B and 1-1 vs. Team C for a 3-1 composite record in the round-robin.  Team B is 0-2 vs. Team A and 1-1 vs. Team C for a 1-3 composite record.  Team C is 1-1 vs. Team A and 1-1 vs. Team B for a 2-2 composite record.  In this scenario, Team A is the highest seed amon the tied teams because of its 3-1 record in the round-robin among tied teams.  Team C is the second-highest seed amon the tied teams because of its 2-2 composite round-robin record.  Team B is the third seed because it finished 1-3 among the three tied teams.

3.  Power rating using MVC games:

Place Road Win Home Win
1st 20 19
2nd 18 17
3rd 16 15
4th 14 13
5th 12 11
6th 10 9
7th 8 7
8th 6 5
9th 4 3
10th 2 1

4.  The most recently available NCAA RPI ranking.