2013 MVC Indoor Track & Field Championship
Saturday, February 23, 2013

The men of Indiana State and women of Wichita State are the 2013 MVC Indoor Track and Field Champions.

Women's Final Scores:
1. Wichita State, 147
2. Indiana State, 138
3. Illinois State, 122
4. Missouri State, 88
5. Southern Illinois, 77
6. Northern Iowa, 41
7. Bradley, 25
8. Drake, 24

Men's Final Scores:
1. Indiana State, 164.50
2. Wichita State, 137
3. Southern Illinois, 122
4. Northern Iowa, 120
5. Drake, 70
6. Illinois State, 43.50


Elite 18 (women): Sarah McMahon, Bradley; Kelly Steffen, Indiana State

Elite 18 (men): Max Tuttle, Indiana State

Most Valuable Athlete (women): Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton, Wichita State

Most Valuable Athlete (men): Zach Dahleen, Southern Illinois

Most Outstanding Track Athlete (women): Sade Sealy, Illinois State

Most Outstanding Track Athlete (men): Greggmar Swift, Indiana State

Most Outstanding Field Athlete (women): Felisha Johnson, Indiana State

Most Outstanding Field Athlete (men): Isaac Twombly, Drake

Coach of the Year (women): Steve Rainbolt, Wichita State

·         Coach of the Year (men): John McNichols, Indiana State


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2013 Missouri Valley Conference Indoor Track & Field Championship Recaps

Saturday/Sunday • February 23 - February 24 • UNI-Dome • UNI, host 

Saturday, February 25

60m Hurdles

Results (PDF)

Tanya Friesen of Wichita State finished first in the 60m Hurdles with a time of 8.64. Briana Isom Brummer of Drake finished 2nd at 8.85 and Kelly Steffen came in third at 8.94.

Heptathlon 60m
Results (PDF)

Austin Bahner of Wichita State finished first in the 60m Dash with a time of 7.04. Ethan Miller of UNI finished 2nd at 7.05 and Tobias Boese came in third at 7.17.

High Jump

Results (PDF)

Tanya Friesen of Wichita State took the women's high jump portion of the Pentathlon with a jump of 1.75m. Teammate Jenny Pinkston was second at 1.66m and Rachael Johnson of Indiana State was third (1.63m).

Long Jump

Results (PDF)

Wichita State's Austin Bahner came in first in the men's long jump (7.24m) followed by Ethan Miller (7.20m) and Brandon Mortensen (6.74) of Northern Iowa

Shot Put

Results (PDF)

Wichita State swept the top three in the shot put. Austin Bahner came in first (13.47m) followed by Mac Griffith (13.22m) and Tobias Boese (12.92m).

Shot Put

Results (PDF)

Wichita State took all thre top spots on the women's side as well. Jaclyn Abrahamian took top honors in the shot put with a throw of 11.61m. Second place went to Tanya Friesen (11.17m) and third place went to Gavyn Yetter (10.71m).

High Jump

Results (PDF)

Robert Webb of Indiana State and Kevin Fisch of Illinois State both finished atop the standings with jumps of 1.99m and 794 points. Brandon Mortensen of UNI took third with a jump of 1.96m.

Women's Weight Throw
Results (PDF)

Felisha Johnson won the Women's weight throw with her heave of 74-00.25 earning 10 points for Indiana State.  Illinois State senior, Brittany Smith, took second-place (68-08) and Kim Fortney of Southern Illinois took third-place (66-11.50).

Long Jump

Results (PDF)

Tanya Friesen finished in first place with a jump of 5.94m.  Kelly Steffen of Indiana State (5.68m) and Briana Isom Brummer of Drake (5.49m) came in second and third, respectively.


Results (PDF)

Wichita State took the two top spots as Gavyn Yetter finished first with her time of 2:25.03 and Jenny Pinkston finished behind her in 2:25.14.  Kelly Steffen of Indiana State came in third (2.25.33). 

Pentathlon - Final

Tanya Friesen, WSU (3872 pts.); Jenny Pinkston, WSU (3707 pts.); Kelly Steffen, INS (3691 pts.); Briana Isom Brummer, DU (3596 pts.); Jaclyn Abrahamian, WSU (3459 pts.); Rachael Johnson, INS (3296 pts.); Holly Patti-Belleli, MSU (3216 pts.); Sierra Hays, WSU (3163 pts.)

Women's 800m - Prelim Results (PDF)

Advancing to the Finals: Kristen Zillmer, WSU (2:12.15); Kyela Specht, BU (2:13.76); Leeann Michl, INS (2:15.36); Emily McCarthy (2:13.40); Shelby Higginbottom, INS (2:13.99); Mobola Ritibi, UNI (2:14.99); Emily Beaver, MSU (2:15.39); Samantha Shulka, WSU (2:15.57)

Men's 800m - Prelim
Results (PDF)

Advancing to the Finals: Jake Wike, WSU (1:53.99); Jonathon Jackson, INS (1:54.70); Tyler Rippel, ILS (1:54.37); Kelvin Busienei, WSU (1:54.87); Ryan Hocker, WSU (1:55.05); Charles Lapham, DU (1:55.08); Ryan Krogmann, UNI (1:55.42) and James Saxton, DU (1:55.45). 

Women's 400m - Prelim
Results (PDF)

Advancing to the Finals: Sade Sealy, ILS (55.56); Althia Maximillien, MSU (No Data); Tess Shubert, SIU (56.40); Natalie Morerod, WSU (56.43); Whitney Westrum, DU (57.16); Oarabile Babolayi, MSU (56.70); Maddie Beeler, UNI (56.73); Sam Cameron, UNI (57.29).

Men's 400m - Prelim
Results (PDF)

Advancing to the Finals: DJ Lindsay, WSU (49.24); Mike Flores, WSU (49.34); Ian Wells, DU (49.35); Jordan Guske, UNI (49.50); Ryan Sidwell, SIU (49.67); Arqeil Shaw, INS (49.84); Antonio Farley, ILS (49.29); Brett Wright, DU (49.51)
Men's Pole Vault 
Results (PDF)
Senior Ryan Sidwell from Southern Illinois claimed the top spot in the Men's Pole Vault clearing 16-05.25.  Illinois State's Thomas Jean (16-01.25) and Ethan Miller (16-01.25) of Northern Iowa came in second and third-place, respectively.

Men's Weight Throw
Results (PDF)

Drake's Isaac Twombly took first-place with his throw of 68-07.25 followed by Southern Illinois' Bradley Sauer who came in second (68-05.25). Jordan Williams of UNI came in third-place after he tossed 63-01.25.
Women's 60m Dash - Semifinal Results (PDF)
Advancing to the Finals: Pernell Joseph, MSU (7.48); Katie Wise, INS (7.51); Shamoya Pruitt, WSU (7.58); Kaisha Martin, INS (7.61); Demetra Camble, INS (7.62); Shavonne Husbands, MSU (7.68); Amiris Warren, SIU (7.73); Printassia Johnson, ILS (7.74)
Men's 60m Dash - Semifinal Results (PDF)
Advancing to the Finals: Derek Kramer, UNI (6.78); Shaun Smith, INS (6.80); Carlos Anderson, UNI (6.82); Keith Housley, INS (6.86); Justin Baxtron, INS (6.82); Austin Bahner, WSU (6.88); Benjamin Sparkman, ILS (6.90); Eric Reeves, SIU (6.91)
Women's 60m Hurdles - Semifinal Results (PDF)
Advancing to the Finals: Sarah Yeager, DU (8.41); Stacia Weatherford, INS (8.47); Marissa Smith, DU (8.49); Shanice Andrews, WSU (8.63); Tanya Friesen, WSU (8.65); Remy Abrought, SIU (8.66); Carmelia Stewart, INS (8.66); Gabriella Ade-Onojobi, MSU (8.67)
Men's 60m Hurdles - Semifinal Results (PDF)
Advancing to the Finals: Greggmar Swift, INS (7.81); Sebastian Barth, UNI (8.04); Duane Brown, INS (8.06); Adarius Washinton, INS (8.10); Travis Marsh, DU (8.07); Matt Benes, SIU (8.10); Cory Beenken, WSU (8.20); Brandon Mortensen, UNI (8.26)
Women's 3000m - Final Results (PDF) Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton from Wichita State claimed the gold after crossing the finish line in 9:29.03.  Rachael Brewer from Illinois State came in second-place with her time of 9:38.70 and Kelly McShea of Illinois State took third-place (9:44.48).

Men's 3000m - Final
Results (PDF)

Southern Illinois' Zach Dahleen took first-place after finishing in 8:20.38 with Thomas Cotter of Wichita State right behind him in 8:21.95.  In third-place was Dustin Betz of Indiana State finishing at 8:22.27.
Men's Long Jump
Results (PDF)
The junior from Indiana State, Maurice Lyke, came in first-place in the men's long jump after he leaped 7.49m.  Charles Brown from UNI claimed second (7.30m) and Grant Ralston from Wichita State took third (7.27m). 
Women's Long Jump
Results (PDF)
Kimsue Grant from Missouri State won the women's long jump with her leap of 6.30m.  Tanya Friesen of Wichita State was a close second-place with her 6.16m performance and Courtney Reinke from Wichita State finished in third (5.78m).

Women's 200m - Prelim Results (PDF)

Advancing to the Finals: Althia Maximillien, MSU (24.45); Stacia Weatherford, INS (24.63); Printassia Johnson, ILS (24.70); Sade Sealy, ILS (24.73); Shavonne Husbands, MSU (24.78); Katie Wise, INS (24.96); Shamoya Pruitt, WSU (25.00); Pernell Joseph, MSU (24.65)
Men's 200m - Prelim
Results (PDF)
Advancing to the Finals: Matt Benes, SIU (22.20); Jordan Guske, UNI (22.22); DJ Lindsay, WSU (22.24); Charles Brown, UNI (22.29); Justin Baxtron, INS (22.37); Blake Green, SIU (22.64); Travis Marsh, DU (22.27); Keith Housley, INS (22.33)
Women's DMR
Results (PDF)
Wichita State won the DMR with the team of Samantha Shulka, Cassidy Downing, Clarissa Johnson, and Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton with their time of 11:50.10.  Illinois State came in second place (11:51.97) and Southern illinois in third (11:52.67).
Men's DMR 
Results (PDF)
Northern iowa won the men's distance medley relay with their time of 10:16.20.  Indiana State came in second-place and Wichita State in third with their times of 10:16.87 and 10:17.80, respectively.

Sunday, February 26

60m Hurdles

Results (PDF)

Ethan Miller of Northern Iowa came in first with his time of 8.24, followed by Robert Webb of Indiana State (8.30) and Brandon Mortensen of Northern Iowa (8.55).

Pole Vault

Results (PDF)

Illinois State's Kevin Fisch took first-place with his vault of 4.90m.  Tobias Boese of Wichita State came in second (4.70m) and teammate Austin Bahner finished third (4.60m).

Women's Triple Jump Results (PDF)

1. Kimsue Grant, MSU (12.66m); 2. Courtney Reinke, WSU (12.62m); 3. Kenya Culmer, SIU (12.51m)

Women's Shot Put
Results (PDF)

1. Brittany Smith, ILS (17.30m); 2. Felisha Johnson, INS (16.54m); 3. Kim Fortney, SIU (15.96m)

Men's High Jump
Results (PDF)

1. Kerry Graber, WSU (2.08m); 2. Ryan Cook, DU (2.03m); 3. Thomas Larson, UNI (2.03m)

Heptathlon 1,000m 
Results (PDF)

Wichita State swept the top three spots in 1000m run. Justin Hickey (2:38.12), Austin Bahner (2:44.36), and Tobias Boese (2:47.41) finished first, second, and third, respectively.

Heptathlon - Final

Austin Bahner of Wichita State took home the title in the Heptathalon with a total of 5645 points. He was followed by Ethan Miller of UNI (5532) in second and Robert Webb of Indiana State (5405) in third.

Women's Mile
Results (PDF)

1. Rachael Brewer, ILS (4:49.315); 2. Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton (4:49.319); 3. Kelly McShea (4:49.68)

Men's Mile
Results (PDF)

1. Zach Dahleen, SIU (4:12.02); 2. Dustin Betz, INS (4:13.64); 3. Jake Wike, WSU (4:13.90)

Women's Pole Vault
Results (PDF)

1. Kimyanna Rudolph, INS (3.95m); 2. Richelle Kimble, INS (3.85m); 2. Libby Torresani, UNI (3.85m)

Women's 400m - Final
Results  (PDF)

1. Sade Sealy, SIU (54.14); 2. Althia Maximillien, MSU (54.57); 3. Tess Shubert, SIU (55.76)

Men's 400m - Final
Results (PDF)

1. Arqeil Shaw, INS (48.79); 2. DJ Lindsay, WSU (49.14); 3. Brett Wright, DU (49.30)

Women's 60m - Final
Results (PDF)

1. Katie Wise, INS (7.51);  2. Pernell Joseph, MSU (7.54); 3. Shamoya Pruitt, WSU (7.56)

Men's 60m - Final
Results (PDF)

1. Carlos Anderson, UNI (6.71); 2. Derek Kramer, UNI (6.79); 3. Keith Housley, INS (6.87)

Women's 60m Hurdles - Final Results (PDF)

1. Sarah Yeager, DU (8.422); 2. Stacia Weatherford, INS (8.424); 3. Shanice Andrews, WSU (8.56)

Women's High Jump
Results (PDF)

1. J'Lynn Ledesma, WSU (1.86m); 2. Kenya Culmer, SIU (1.80m); 3. Kalyn Davis, INS (1.70m)

Men's Shot Put
Results (PDF) 

1. Derek Bunch, INS (18.14m); 2. Josh Freeman, SIU (17.16m); 3. Justin Baker, UNI (17.15m)

Men's Triple Jump
Results (PDF)

1. Dougie Palacious, SIU (15.15m); 2. Shazz Michael Lindo, WSU (15.08m); 3. Maurice Lyke, INS (15.07)
Men's 60m Hurdles - Final Results (PDF) 1. Greggmar Swift, INS (7.67); 2. Adarius Washington, INS (7.97); 3. Sebastian Barth, UNI (7.99)

Women's 800m - Final Results (PDF)

1. Leeann Michl, INS (2:11.33); 2. Kristen Zillmer, ILS (2:13.04); 3. Emily McCarthy, UNI (2:14.06)

Men's 800m - Final
Results  (PDF)

1. Ryan Hocker, WSU (1:52.59); 2. Jake Wike, WSU (1:52.91); 3. Tyler Rippel, ILS (1:53.46)

Women's 200m - Final Results (PDF)

1. Althia Maximillien, MSU (24.55); 2. Sade Sealy, ILS (24.61); 3. Stacia Weatherford, INS (24.80)

Men's 200m - Final
(Results PDF)

1. Jordan Guske, UNI (22.09); 3. Justin Baxton, INS (22.11); 3. DJ Lindsay, WSU (22.15)

Women's 5,000m
Results (PDF)

1. Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton, WSU (16:44.10); 2. Rachael Brewer, ILS (16:50.79); 3. Sarah McMahon, BU (16:52.72)

Men's 5,000m
Results (PDF)

1. Brogan Austin, DU (14:21.36); 2. John Mascari, INS (14:33.17); 3. Neal Anderson, WSU (14:36.77)

Women's 4x400
Results (PDF)

1. Illinois State (3:45.09); 2. UNI (3:47.37); 3. Indiana State (3:47.42)

Men's 4x400
Results (PDF)

1. Drake (3:18.99); 2. UNI (3:19.11); 3. SIU (3:19.59)