Valley Announces 2014 Scholar-Athlete Team
Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Missouri Valley Conference announces the 2014 Swimming and Diving Scholar-Athlete Team following the completion of the 2013-2014 conference season.

Scholar-Athlete honors require athletes to have completed at least one year and maintain either a 3.2 grade-point average and obtain all-conference honors, achieve a 3.5 grade-point average and finish top-16 in an individual event at the conference championships, or maintain a 3.8 grade-point average and participate in the MVC championship.

57 student-athletes qualified for the Valley 2014 Swimming and Diving Scholar-Athlete team, with three student-athletes averaging a perfect 4.00 GPA and 19 student-athletes at or above an impressive 3.8 grade-point average. Missouri State claims the most spots on the scholar-athlete team with 13.




Kelly Sanks Illinois State 4.00
Shailey Brumley Southern Illinois 4.00
Ella Otto Southern Illinois 4.00
Caryn Knight UNI 3.99
Maggie Kopp Illinois State 3.96
Miki Freese UNI 3.96
Abby Smith Evansville 3.93
Kayla McCormick UNI 3.92
Melissa Ball Evansville 3.90
Erica Halley Illinois State 3.90
Abigail Yenzer Evansville 3.88
Holly Johnson Southern Illinois 3.86
Kiley Handley Southern Illinois 3.85
Olivia Gean Missouri State 3.84
Rhennetta Bork UNI 3.84
Reva Bork UNI 3.82
Taylor Shotwell Evansville 3.81
Alyssa Powers Missouri State 3.81
Sarah Kemp UNI 3.80
Isabella Simcox Missouri State 3.78
Pamela Benitez Southern Illinois 3.76
Valerie Jones Illinois State 3.75
Maja Magnuesson Evansville 3.74
Michelle Tipton Evansville 3.74
Esther Chen Southern Illinois 3.73
Mackenzie Powell Evansville 3.70
Katelyn Kresal Illinois State 3.70
Taylor Ostrowski UNI 3.70
Megan Holthoff Missouri State 3.68
Mackenzie Harris Evansville 3.66
Samantha Shuckles Illinois State 3.66
Morgan Timms Southern Illinois 3.65
Helena Amorim Southern Illinois 3.64
Stephanie Paape UNI 3.58
Charlotte Lechner Evansville 3.57
Andi Burroughs Missouri State 3.54
Marissa Yontz Illinois State 3.62
Kristy Hinkle Southern Illinois 3.62
Elise Drewsen UNI 3.59
Courtney Taylor Illinois State 3.57
Sam Montgomery Evansville 3.56
Carly Wright Missouri State 3.53
Luisa Silveira Southern Illinois 3.53
Katherine Nelson Illinois State 3.52
Brittany Weigel Southern Illinois 3.52
Kaixuan Zhang Southern Illinois 3.51
Natalie Johnson UNI 3.47
Emily Chesser Missouri State 3.45
Wenting Zhang Illinois State 3.44
Lindsey Conway Missouri State 3.44
April Livingston Illinois State 3.40
Roni Balzam Missouri State 3.34
Renata Sander Missouri State 3.33
Keely Hunt Illinois State 3.28
Janke Engelbrecht Missouri State 3.26
Rebecca Amparano Missouri State 3.21
Dora Kiss Missouri State 3.20