Missouri Valley Announces 2007-08 Academic Awards
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thirty-eight student-athletes highlight more than 1,000 who earned selection to the 2007-08 Missouri Valley Conference Honor Roll, as announced by the league office.  Those 38 student-athletes earned the league’s highest academic achievement by capturing the Missouri Valley Conference President’s Council Academic Excellence Award.

The President's Council Academic Excellence Award requires a minimum 3.8 cumulative grade point average (through fall 2007 semester), participation in athletics a minimum of two years, and the student-athlete must be within 18 hours of graduation.  Also, 366 student-athletes received the league’s Commissioner’s Academic Excellence Award.  That requires a minimum grade point average of 3.5 for the previous two semesters, a minimum 3.2 grade point average for the current term (Fall 2007), and participation in athletics.  Freshmen are not eligible.

In addition, the Missouri Valley Conference has announced its 2007-08 Honor Roll, which recognizes academic achievement of student-athletes.  To qualify for the Valley Honor Roll, a student-athlete must have recorded a minimum 3.2 grade point average for a specified term (Fall 2007), must have been a member of an athletics team, and must have a minimum of 12 hours of enrollment during the fall.

The President's Council Academic Excellence Award and Commissioner's Academic Excellence Award winners are below.  The complete list of Honor Roll winners is attached as a PDF.

PRESIDENTS COUNCIL ACADEMIC AWARD -   Eitan Barbalat (Baseball); Evgeny Samoylov (Men’s Tennis); Shelby Lile (Women’s Cross Country); Ainslie Schultz (Women’s Cross Country); Stephanie Ramsey (Softball); Jenna Harrison (Volleyball).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Eitan Barbalat (Baseball); Bruce Eggers (Baseball); Nathan Leech (Men’s Cross Country); Nicholas Palumbo (Men’s Cross Country); Andrew Wieser (Men’s Cross Country); Thomas Ackerman (Men’s Golf); Nicholas Roth (Men’s Golf); Zachary Wanken (Men’s Golf); Michel Macara-chvili (Men’s Tennis); Evgeny Samoylov (Men’s Tennis); Renee Frericks (Women’s Basketball); Kelly Krumwiede (Women’s Basketball); Jenny Van Kirk (Women’s Basketball); Melanie Glander (Women’s Cross Country); Marlana Haefelin (Women’s Cross Country); Shelby Lile (Women’s Cross Country); Kathleen Nowak (Women’s Cross Country); Ainslie Schultz (Women’s Cross Country); Bari Erais (Women’s Golf); Rikki Sobel (Women’s Golf); Amanda Harms (Women’s Track & Field); Jessica Holloway (Women’s Track & Field); Anne Creighton (Softball); Jennifer Martin (Softball); Stephanie Ramsey (Softball); Kimberly Braun (Women’s Tennis); Erin Krubeck (Women’s Tennis); Jenna Harrison (Volleyball); Eileen Hillary (Volleyball); Nicole Pierzchala (Volleyball).

Kyle Berens (Men’s Cross Country); Kari Tanimoto (Women’s Cross Country); Leigh Sutton (Women’s Golf); Abby Baumann (Volleyball).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Michael Lam (Baseball); Ben Mancuso (Baseball); Pierce Hibma (Men’s Basketball); Dustin Sitzmann (Men’s Basketball); Kyle Berens (Men’s Cross Country); Peter Cole (Men’s Cross Country); Andrew Brooks (Men’s Golf); Matthew Kouri (Men’s Golf); Michael McDonnell (Men’s Golf); Seth Sinovic (Men’s Soccer); Ross Allen (Men’s Tennis); Michael Elson (Men’s Tennis); Jose Guerra (Men’s Tennis); Sara Cain (Women’s Basketball); Katie Frank (Women’s Basketball); Sam Schuett (Women’s Basketball); Ally Thrall (Women’s Basketball); Melissa Greig (Women’s Cross Country); Krista Hannon (Women’s Cross Country); Molly Jergenson (Women’s Cross Country); Liz Murray (Women’s Cross Country); Stephanie Righeimer (Women’s Cross Country); Kari Tanimoto (Women’s Cross Country); Brittany Pepler (Women’s Golf); Leigh Sutton (Women’s Golf); Heather Duncan (Women’s Soccer); Shawn Magrum (Women’s Soccer); Kathryn Peetz (Women’s Soccer); Lindsay Vaught (Women’s Soccer); Mary Egan (Softball); Tara Oltman (Softball); Lindsey Erickson (Women’s Tennis); Abby Baumann (Volleyball); Katie Mehal (Volleyball); Sarah Schulze (Volleyball).

PRESIDENTS COUNCIL ACADEMIC AWARD -   Adam Emmenecker (Men’s Basketball); Evan Jurkovich (Men’s Cross Country); Lindsey Whorton (Women’s Basketball); Megan Veltman (Volleyball); Samantha Nelson (Volleyball); Sarah Schuster (Volleyball).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Cole Feldman (Men’s Cross Country/Track); Jeff Grassmeyer (Men’s Cross Country/Track); Andrew Shortslef (Men’s Cross Country/Track); Evan Wood (Men’s Cross Country/Track); Connor Elekes (Men’s Golf); Calvin Clark (Men’s Soccer); Luke Frieberg (Men’s Soccer); Jacob Henneman (Men’s Soccer); Matthew Meszaros (Men’s Soccer); Ted Schleisman (Men’s Soccer); Guilherme Marsiglia (Men’s Tennis); Andrew Bryant (Men’s Track & Field); Jaron Van Maanen (Men’s Track & Field); Brandy Dahir (Women’s Basketball); Kelsey Keizer (Women’s Basketball); Jill Martin (Women’s Basketball); Catherine Hayes (Women’s Cross Country); Kristin Looney (Women’s Cross Country); Nicole Braunsdorf (Women’s Cross Country/Track); Tara Scieszinski (Women’s Cross County/Track); Cindi Brenner (Women’s Soccer); Sinead Brown (Women’s Soccer); Lauren Hoguta (Women’s Soccer); Jennifer Schroeder (Women’s Soccer); Shannon Schuehle (Women’s Soccer); Morgan Virgilio (Women’s Soccer); Marilyn Buss (Softball); Kelsey Kahler (Softball); Bridget Shields (Softball); Susan Slycord (Softball); Ashley Jarek (Volleyball); Lindsay Schryver (Volleyball).

Corey Southers (Men’s Soccer); Frances Enzler (Women’s Cross Country); Andrea Hoy (Women’s Cross Country); Angela Bleecher (Women's Soccer); Sara Wilhoite (Women’s Tennis).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Christopher Combs (Baseball); Mark Obenchain (Baseball); Jason Holsinger (Men’s Basketball); Trenton Wargel (Men’s Basketball); Brian Joyce (Men’s Cross Country); Matthew Kaufman (Men’s Cross Country); Steven Matthews (Men’s Cross Country); Ethan Merkel (Men’s Cross Country); Matthew Hunsaker (Men’s Golf); Alexander Kopko (Men’s Golf); Ryan Linsner (Men’s Golf); Dustin Awe (Men’s Soccer); Samuel Bornstein (Men’s Soccer); Corey Southers (Men’s Soccer); Courtney Felke (Women’s Basketball); Shannon Novosel (Women’s Basketball); Rebekah Parker (Women’s Basketball); Hannah Singleton (Women’s Basketball); Megan Bowlds (Women’s Cross Country); Frances Enzler (Women’s Cross Country); Andrea Hoy (Women’s Cross Country); Jaclyn Kern (Women’s Cross Country); Arrena Svoboda (Women’s Cross Country); Katherine Shoener (Women’s Golf); Elissabeth Fehlman (Softball); Brittany Herald (Softball); Angela Bleecher (Women’s Soccer); Nicole Moyen (Women’s Soccer); Kara Murphy (Women’s Soccer); Susan Szafir (Women’s Soccer); Patricia Tolen (Women’s Soccer); Kellee Widener (Women’s Soccer); Julie Winkler (Women’s Soccer); Ady Sekely (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Nicole Uhrin (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Colleen Ward (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Susan Elliott (Women’s Tennis); Stephanie Millis (Women’s Tennis); Sara Wilhoite (Women’s Tennis); Danielle Diehl (Volleyball); Catherine Kincaid (Volleyball); Sally Kulupka (Volleyball); Elaine Walroth (Volleyball).

PRESIDENTS ACADEMIC AWARD -   Luka Marinkovic (Men’s Tennis); Tracey Deyell (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Veronique Parke-Bedard (Women’s Tennis).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Ryan Court (Baseball); Eric Mahler (Baseball); Sead Odzic (Men’s Basketball); Michael Vandello (Men’s Basketball); Xavier Riart Fetter (Men’s Tennis); Carl Azab (Men’s Track & Field); Scott Krapf (Men’s Track & Field); Joseph Painter (Men’s Track & Field); Taylor Sebestik (Men’s Track & Field); Brea Banks (Women’s Basketball); Ashleen Bracey (Women’s Basketball); Kristi Cirone (Women’s Basketball); Emily Hanley (Women’s Basketball); Tiffany Hudson (Women’s Basketball); Nicolle Lewis (Women’s Basketball); Ashley Sanstead (Women’s Basketball); Laura Harris (Women’s Golf); Marci Hill (Women’s Golf); Britt Knutson (Women’s Golf); Christine Larson (Women’s Golf); Stacey Miller (Women’s Golf); Jessica Kaiz (Women’s Soccer); Katelyn Prorok (Women’s Soccer); Ashley Repholz (Women’s Soccer); Jackie Roepke (Women’s Soccer); Melissa Routledge (Women’s Soccer); Bethany Russ (Women’s Soccer); Andrea Shaw (Women’s Soccer); Andrea Sherva (Women’s Soccer); Casey Gorrell (Softball); Victoria Klopf (Softball); Amy Mitchell (Softball); Kara Nelson (Softball); Tiffany Prager (Softball); Andrea Shifflet (Softball); Allison Fishbein (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Jamie Haseman (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Courtney Vanderford (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Amy Werkema (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Erin Woodruff (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Andrea Muresan (Women’s Tennis); Carolyne Parent (Women’s Tennis); Carmen Peters (Women’s Tennis); Jennifer Baugh (Women’s Track & Field); Kristin Brinkman (Women’s Track & Field); Frances Epps (Women’s Track & Field); Kaila Guske (Women’s Track & Field); Kaylin Himes (Women’s Track & Field); Kami Klopfenstein (Women’s Track & Field); Anna Lovell (Women’s Track & Field); Morgan Schaefer (Women’s Track & Field); Suzy Turner (Women’s Track & Field); Erin Vukovich (Women’s Track & Field); Devon Williams (Women’s Track & Field); Kristin Dziubla (Volleyball); Erin Lindsey (Volleyball); Mary Catherine Richmond (Volleyball); Katelyn Seyller (Volleyball); Kari Staehlin (Volleyball).

Christopher Schmidt (Baseball); David Santelik (Men’s Track & Field); Kyle Walsh (Men’s Track & Field); Laura Rudolphi (Women’s Basketball).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Adam Arnold (Baseball); Nathan Inman (Baseball); Sean Osborne (Baseball); Christopher Schmidt (Baseball); Michael Wenham (Men’s Tennis); Donald Conn (Men’s Track & Field); Scott Keeney (Men’s Track & Field); Scott Koressel (Men’s Track & Field); Joshua Lee (Men’s Track & Field); David Santelik (Men’s Track & Field); Kyle Walsh (Men’s Track & Field); Brandon Youngdale (Men’s Track & Field); Kelsey Luna (Women’s Basketball); Tiffany Reida (Women’s Basketball); Laurence Rivest (Women’s Basketball); Laura Rudolphi (Women’s Basketball); Kayley Bodine (Women’s Golf); Mackenzie Mack (Women’s Golf); Breanne Smith (Women’s Golf); Erin Bianchi (Women’s Soccer); Erin Gibson (Women’s Soccer); Elizabeth Knight (Women’s Soccer); Jennifer Milward (Women’s Soccer);  Katie Iocoangeli (Softball); Amber Paz (Softball); Meredith Simpson (Softball); Darcy Wood (Softball); Marie Caujolle (Women’s Tennis); Joanne Schickerling (Women’s Tennis); Julia Costello (Women’s Track & Field); Amanda Jones (Women’s Track & Field); Emily Pugh (Women’s Track & Field); Dana Sander (Women’s Track & Field); Katherine Weber (Women’s Track & Field); Adriane Wunderlich (Women’s Track & Field); Kristy Cox (Volleyball); Whitney Fromm (Volleyball); Kelli Whitaker (Volleyball). 

PRESIDENTS ACADEMIC AWARD -   Chris Playter (Baseball); Kate Blair (Women’s Soccer); Carrie Vestal (Women’s Track/Cross Country).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Ben Carlson (Baseball); Josh Mazzola (Baseball); Chris Playter (Baseball); Ryan Jehle (Men’s Basketball); John Cronly (Men’s Golf); Vic Riffel (Men’s Swimming & Diving); Josh Udermann (Men’s Swimming & Diving); Roxy Stiles (Women’s Basketball); Tiff Terwelp (Women’s Basketball); Melissa Linnens (Women’s Golf); Kate Blair (Women’s Soccer); Meghan Cassady (Women’s Soccer); Nicole Logan (Women’s Soccer); Caroline Sweeney (Women’s Soccer); Cara Williams (Women’s Soccer); Michelle Armentrout (Softball); Lauren McGinley (Softball); Cara Belcher (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Kristen Boren (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Amy Crowder (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Jordan Hawkins (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Joni Lauf (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Hilary Morrow (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Chelsea Ray (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Emily Fletcher (Women’s Track & Field); Yaneika Malcolm (Women’s Track & Field); Staci Nelson (Women’s Track & Field); Carrie Vestal (Women’s Track & Field); Nikki Vandepopulier (Volleyball).

Jenna O’Hara (Women’s Soccer); Amy Seubert (Women’s Soccer); Stacy Butt (Women’s Track & Field). 
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Taylor Sinclair (Baseball); Andrew Wass (Men’s Golf); Michael Clancy (Men’s Track & Field); Mat Clark (Men’s Track & Field); Ryan Grenko (Men’s Track & Field); Kevin Roberts (Men's Track & Field); Andrew Schon (Men’s Track & Field); Kristyn Ferris (Women’s Basketball); Kristin Iehl (Women’s Basketball); Traci Ollendieck (Women’s Basketball); Lindsey Swanson (Women’s Basketball); Brook Maher (Women’s Golf); Lindsey Daugherty (Women’s Soccer); Jenna O’Hara (Women’s Soccer); Amy Seubert (Women’s Soccer); Laura Wagner (Women’s Soccer); Stephanie Aguero (Softball); Kelly Mateas (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Maegan Miller (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Abby Moes (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Samantha Schnobel (Women’s Tennis); Amy Bagge (Women’s Track & Field); Stacy Butt (Women’s Track & Field); Sarah Harms (Women’s Track & Field); Amanda Huling (Women’s Track & Field); Jamie Hutchinson (Women’s Track & Field); Brittany Korell (Women’s Track & Field); Samantha Nygren (Women’s Track & Field); Blair Runde (Women’s Track & Field); Jessalyn Schweitzer (Women’s Track & Field); Danielle Stipe (Women’s Track & Field); Andrea Wacker (Women’s Track & Field); Lindsay Wiebers (Women’s Track & Field); Brittany Bakker (Volleyball); Kristin Belzung (Volleyball); Kayla Grunder (Volleyball); Melissa Schmitz (Volleyball); Ashten Stelken (Volleyball).

Erin Pauk (Women’s Basketball); Krystal Stein (Softball); Abigail Blank (Women’s Swimming & Diving).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Louis Johanns (Baseball); Bryan Mullins (Men’s Basketball); Todd Obergoenner (Men’s Golf); Blake Driskell (Men’s Golf); Hugo Vidal-Bernard (Men’s Tennis); Tyler Bradford (Men’s Track & Field); Jason Ordway (Men’s Track & Field); Greg McBride (Men’s Track & Field); Kaci Bailey (Women’s Basketball); Jayme Sweere (Women’s Basketball); Erin Pauk (Women’s Basketball); Erica Smith (Women’s Basketball); Christine Zoerlein (Women’s Golf); Jenene Ebstein (Softball); Allie Hanson (Softball); Tiffanie Dismore (Softball); Kathleen McNamara (Softball); Katie Schmidt (Softball); Krystal Stein (Softball); Abigail Blank (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Emily Duerringer (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Kelly Dvorak (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Nicole Macvey (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Isabel Madeira (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Therese Mattsson (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Natalie McLean (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Karin Mullendore (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Kristina Palacios (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Stephanie Wooley (Women’s Swimming & Diving); Brittani Christensen-Farn (Women’s Track & Field); A’Seret Dokubo (Women’s Track & Field); Amy Phegley (Women’s Track & Field); Bianca Stuart (Women’s Track & Field); Toni Whitfield (Women’s Track & Field); Kari Buehlhorn (Volleyball); Jennifer Berwanger (Volleyball); Kristina Berwanger (Volleyball). 

Sara Lungren (Volleyball).
COMMISSIONER’S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD -   Max Hutson (Baseball); Rob Musgrave (Baseball); Tyler Weber (Baseball); Matt Braeuer (Men’s Basketball); Jonathan Orbist (Men’s Tennis); Chris Dickman (Men’s Track & Field); Jordan Zerr (Men’s Track & Field); Scott Reed (Men’s Track & Field); Isaac Venable (Men’s Track & Field); Kyrie Kinder (Women’s Basketball); Taylor Steven (Women’s Basketball); Marcy Sudbeck (Women’s Basketball); Megan Bartlett (Women’s Golf); Krista Hrdlicka (Women’s Golf); Brooke Demo (Women’s Track & Field); Whitney Stevens (Women’s Track & Field); Kayla Stout (Women’s Track & Field); Jenna Wood (Women’s Track & Field); Amanda Backes (Volleyball); Kelly Broussard (Volleyball); Lindsey Eckenrode (Volleyball); Valeen Finney (Volleyball); Abby Harsh (Volleyball); Angela Jakubov (Volleyball); Sara Lungren (Volleyball).