Championship Game Quotes
Sunday, March 9, 2008

MARCH 9, 2008

 7           COACH KENO DAVIS:  Yeah.  Obviously it's an understatement
        to say I'm proud of this team, what they've been able to
 8      accomplish not only in the regular season but after doing that to
        come down here to St. Louis and win on three consecutive days.
 9      It's quite a feat that they've been able to do, but they surprise
        me every day.  I don't know when they're going to stop surprising
10      me, but I don't want it to stop.  Incredible group of young men,
        and they deserve all the rewards and awards they've been given.
11           MEDIA:  Adam, how would you describe winning the Valley
        tournament and being champions today?
12           ADAM EMMENECKER:  It's tough, you know.  It's not a position
        that we've had a chance to be in too much over the last four
13      years, but it's -- you know, it's a great feeling to have so many
        fans come down, make the trip.  It's really special for us as
14      players just to see that all the work we've put in together and
        individually has really paid off, and that we can be a
15      championship team, and we played so well together.  I'm so proud
        of all these guys.
16           MEDIA:  Guys, is a big part of your chemistry the fact that
        at one point in your basketball careers, no one wanted you or you
17      had an injury or Oklahoma State said no?  Is that a big part
        of -- is that what made you guys what you are?
18           JOSH YOUNG:  I think I'll take that one.  I think in a way,
        it is.  I think we find different ways to motivate us.
19      Definitely the way that people perceived us to finish this year,
        that definitely motivated us, so we use things like that to keep
20      us going all throughout the year.  We had our seniors step up in
        such a big way this year, and it goes down the line.  We kind of
21      feed off each other, and it's been great playing with these guys,
        but I think that that's been part of our success this year.
22           MEDIA:  Adam, talk a little bit as a guy who directs the
        offense.  Josh Crawford's role in given you a spark and that 19-0
23      run, have you guys as a team played any better at this point?
             ADAM EMMENECKER:  It's hard to tell.  It's hard to compare
24      one game to previous games but we played really well tonight.  I
        think you see with Josh Parker a little bit of what the future of
25      Drake basketball can be, you know.  He's a really talented kid,
        and it's tough for freshmen to come into a conference like the
 1      Missouri Valley and play a lot, you know.  He's been coming along
        all year, and he really gives us a lot of energy coming off the
 2      bench.  When he makes a couple shots like he did tonight, he can
        really get guys going.
 3           MEDIA:  Adam, following up on that question, can you talk a
        little bit about the pace of the game, how you started off and
 4      then going into that run and then into the second half?
             ADAM EMMENECKER:  One thing we talked about as lot as a team
 5      we know we're going to go on some runs and the other team is
        going to go on some runs.  We have to be able to weather the
 6      storm as much as possible and try to respond.  We're able to
        respond with some longer runs than we normally have.  We did a
 7      great job on the boards which made a really big difference for
        us.  When we're working that well as a team, both offensively and
 8      defensively, we can be tough to stop.
             MEDIA:  Adam, what does it mean to you to be the most
 9      outstanding player of this tournament?
             ADAM EMMENECKER:  Well, it's hard to make that too much of
10      an individual award because none of this would be possible
        without the other four guys you see sitting with me.  I'm not the
11      type of player who's going to necessarily take a lot of shots
        during a game, but because we're so unselfish as a team and the
12      way defense is key on these guys around me, it opens up the floor
        for me a little bit, and it's my responsibility to get in the
13      paint and try to make some plays whether it's for myself or for
        my teammates, so you know, it's great and it's a great honor to
14      be able to receive that award, but it's really a testament to how
        well we play as a team.
15           MEDIA:  Klayton, could you talk about watching your brother
        when he was in this tournament?  Did you ever think you would get
16      your net around your neck?
17           KLAYTON KORVER:  I always wanted to.  He seemed to win it
18      every time he came down here so I was a little jealous.  You
19      know, we've always worked hard and try to stay in the gym with my
20      teammates, and just good things happen to those who work hard, I
21      guess.  The guys on this team worked really hard this year.
22           MEDIA:  Jonathan, a long way from Barrington.  What are your
        thoughts on today and all of this.
23           JOSH YOUNG:  It's an unbelievable feeling to be picked ninth
        in the preseason and to win the league and win this tournament.
24      It's hard to put into words how great it feels.
             MEDIA:  Adam, you won by 30.  How come you didn't shoot a 3?
25           ADAM EMMENECKER:  Well, Keno took me out kind of earlier
        than he normally does, so I was -- you know, I figured the last
 1      two minutes I was going to have to put one up, but you know, I
        saw the sub at the scorer's table and had to drop my head because
 2      I didn't get that opportunity.
             MEDIA:  For each of the players, if you could just give a
 3      thought on what it means to each of you to be champions and know
        that the NCAA tournament's coming up.
 4           KLAYTON KORVER:  I think we're going to enjoy the next two
 5      weeks, and we're just going to do what the coach tells us to do.
 6      It's a great feeling, it's awesome.  We'll have fun.
 7           LEONARD HOUSTON:  For me, the biggest thing is coming out
 8      here and getting the win.  Winning the tournament and having that
 9      positive vibe going into the NCAA tournament, not coming off a
10      loss, so you know, everyone's not down on themselves so we can
11      just kind of keep that confidence up and kind of keep it going
12      throughout the tournament.
13           ADAM EMMENECKER:  I think earlier today we proved to
        ourselves that even when we're playing good teams, as long as
14      we're playing good basketball and playing together that there's
        nobody in the country that we can't beat, and you know, as long
15      as we keep our focus and stay together as a team and play as a
        team and do the things that got us here, I think, you know, we
16      are poised to see what we can do at the next level and playing in
        the tournament, and you know, we're going to take some rest and
17      be happy with that, kind of look back on our accomplishments and
        be proud of them, but we'll be focused and ready to go for the
18      tournament.
             JOSH YOUNG:  Yeah.  I think we're going to enjoy the
19      championship and also get some rest, but I think we have a lot of
        hard work ahead of us if you want to make a statement in the post
20      season.  We'll definitely be keying on that.
             JONATHAN COX:  This tournament was really exciting, but we
21      have a lot more basketball to play.  To come in here and beat
        great teams like we did for the third time this season is
22      unbelievable.  We're looking forward to the NCAA tournament now.
             MR. DALFONSO:  Okay.  Anything else for the champion
23      Bulldogs?  All right, gentlemen.  Thank you very much for your
        time.  Best of luck.  We'll stay with the head coach for a while
24      longer.  We'll start right here in the front row.
             MEDIA:  Keno, I talked to a student outside.  I asked him
25      what tournament teams don't know about you that you're going to
        play moving forward, and he simply said we're smarter than you.
 1      What do you think he means by that?
             COACH KENO DAVIS:  Well, probably that our players make as
 2      good of decisions on the court as any team you'll see.  They
        understand the right pass to make, and they make it.  You know,
 3      sometimes you have teams that revolve around one player, and it's
        tough to be able to make as many decisions.  You have to give it
 4      to that player and have him make plays, but we got Adam
        Emmenecker that runs our team, he's able to drive and kick it to
 5      the open shooters, and we've got other guys that have been able
        to penetrate to post up, so our team makes incredibly good
 6      decisions on the court.  That's probably what he meant.
             MEDIA:  Coach, what type of team do you think will give you
 7      guys the most trouble in the NCAA tournament, what style of play?
             COACH KENO DAVIS:  I don't know what style of play would
 8      give us the most problems, you know.  We've seen about
        everything, and we've done pretty well against each different
 9      kind of style that we've seen.  I think a lot of it's just going
        to depend on how we're going to be able to play.  Are we going to
10      be able to have our timing?  Obviously we'll have fresh legs with
        some time right now to rest and recover.  I'm sure our players as
11      they all mentioned, they're looking forward to a couple days off.
        They were a little tired last night.  We went through some
12      walk-throughs and some light practice, so I think from a coach's
        perspective, you want to try to get your timing up there.  If we
13      do, you know, Adam said -- I told the team at an early point this
        year when I saw how successful we could be, and I said there
14      isn't a team on our schedule that we can't beat.  I go, now the
        bad thing is I don't know if there's a team on our schedule that
15      can't beat us.  I think our team's kind of had that attitude all
        year that if hey, we outwork that team and have some good shots,
16      we have a chance to win.  We have to keep that same kind of
        focus, that there's not a team because they have a big name or
17      come from a bigger conference, maybe it has to be our best night,
        but we have an opportunity and we're looking forward to playing
18      on.
             MEDIA:  Keno, how much is the fact, you know, Jonathan was a
19      walk-on, Josh, you know, Oklahoma State, you know, it didn't work
        out for him, Adam was a walk-on, Leonard had years where he
20      struggled, Klayton had injuries.  They had moments in their
        basketball careers where something wasn't working for them.  How
21      much do you think that built him team?  How many of these guys
        were actually on your scout team at one point?  I know Adam was.
22           COACH KENO DAVIS:  Yeah.  Well, Adam was, Jonathan was,
        Leonard was.  I think just about everybody, you know, except
23      maybe Josh might have been our one guy that wasn't on the scout
        team, and some of those guys were on there for multiple years.  I
24      think it has -- they have a hunger and a fire behind them, maybe
        because of a lack of respect or underrecruiting, but I think, you
25      know, from learning from my father as far as bringing in some
        non-scholarship players.  When we took this job four and a half
 1      years ago, we didn't have any scholarships to give the first year
        and we only had two the next year.  We went through an idea of
 2      trying to get more walk-ons.  He's always been a coach who
        treated his players, whether they're scholarship,
 3      non-scholarship, everybody is treated the same on the team and
        given an equal opportunity.  That's helped some of those guys
 4      stay with it for as long as they had, even though they didn't see
        that playing time early in their careers.  They kept improving in
 5      the off season.  They kept improving each year, and as they got
        experience, they became pretty good seniors and a pretty good
 6      experienced ball club.
             MEDIA:  Coach, did you hear the gentleman behind the bench
 7      yelling Adam for president and you for vice-president?
             COACH KENO DAVIS:  Well, you know, like I said at the
 8      luncheon, you know, Adam's too smart to run for political office,
        and I think I'll probably stay away from that as well, but it's
 9      nice for our fans to go from a fan base like we have in Des
        Moines.  We've had a lot of fans that have continued to follow
10      our program and support us.  We hadn't got that support down here
        in St. Louis for teams, probably because we were usually playing
11      on an early day and going home, but for them to have -- to go
        from 100 fans to about 2000 today, I think that shows great
12      things for Drake and representation down here in St. Louis, that
        maybe we can bring that from 2000 up to 3 next year, and where
13      some of the teams are very well represented, we can be one of
        those teams.  I'm looking forward to seeing that in the future.
14           MEDIA:  Coach, is there somebody's game you think Adam
        reminds you of because he plays a pretty unique style of not
15      shooting too much.
             COACH KENO DAVIS:  Well, I think his style is -- is kind of
16      similar to Steve Nash in the NBA.  I'm not saying he's Steve Nash
        or that he's going to have a long term, you know, contract in the
17      NBA, but he plays that kind of style.  He can score when need be,
        but he can put it down on the floor and attack the basket, find
18      the shooters out there, plays at a really high level, energy
        level, and so I'd say that's kind of the player that he reminds
19      me the most of.
             MEDIA:  Keno, the old saw is that the third time is always
20      the most difficult victory.  What aspects of the one-sidedness
        this afternoon might have caught you a little off guard?
21           COACH KENO DAVIS:  The one-sidedness that caught me
        completely off guard in this game, we got a stretch where the
22      shots were going down and they weren't for Illinois State.
        Obviously we were playing very well on the defensive end, but the
23      momentum really caught up with us, so as far as playing a team
        three times, I think a lot of times when you lose a game during
24      your season, some teams need that.  They need a loss to get them
        hungry and a fire to get them to win.  We need to win.  When you
25      look at a team that you've beat twice, they might have that fire,
        but you might not.  Our team, as we've been able to win all year,
 1      it just has made us get a taste of wanting more, and to be able
        to cut down the nets back in Des Moines at the Knapp Center.  We
 2      came in here saying hey, we'd like another chance to cut down
        some nets and we got that opportunity, and we only have to play
 3      three days in a row instead of four this year, so it was more
        attainable, and our guys deserve a ton of the credit for how
 4      focused they were throughout this whole weekend.
             MEDIA:  Coach Davis, selection Sunday isn't until Sunday so
 5      you've got a whole week of practice without an opponent to
        prepare for, so what do you do in practice without knowing who
 6      you're going to play?
             COACH KENO DAVIS:  Well, what I think we do first is as the
 7      players alluded to, we take some time off and try to get our legs
        back.  We don't even bring them in the gym for a couple days and
 8      tell them just get away.  Just get away and rest and relax, and
        then we'll come back in and we'll try after that just to do some
 9      light practice, some shooting, try to keep our timing going
        because we're playing so well right now, and then where a lot of
10      teams will still be playing up to that point, we'll have some
        good work, some good practice work as we get closer to Sunday,
11      probably take that Sunday off as another day off and then right
        away on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we'll be getting ready for
12      that next game.
             MEDIA:  Keno, of a more ominous nature, I think the last
13      five Valley tournament champions have been one and down in the
        NCAA tournament.  Have you thought about that?  Have you vetted
14      it?  Is it in any way going to affect your approach in the next
15           COACH KENO DAVIS:  I haven't thought of it because I didn't
        know that stat, and I'm not too worried about how we're going to
16      play, quite honestly, in the NCAAs.  I'm not saying that I'm
        confident or overconfident that we'll win, but I think we'll play
17      real hard.  We've done that all season.  We've played very hard.
        I told the team when we come into the locker room after 40
18      minutes, whether we win or lose, let's say we played as hard as
        we can.  If we've lost, I'm not going to yell at you, I'm not
19      going to be upset, we're going to bring our hands in and say
        let's get better for the next game and see if we can't improve.
20      They haven't been able to test me on those words very often
        because we keep winning games.  I was proud of our team during
21      our four losses that we had this year.  I thought we played as
        hard in those games as we had in a lot of our wins, so we're
22      going to go in there probably with a loose attitude that we've
        already accomplished so much, but we want to push for more.  We
23      want to play at that same level and see if it's good enough in
        the NCAAs.
24           MR. DALFONSO:  Okay.  Keno, on that note, we wish you great
25           COACH KENO DAVIS:  Thank you very much.  Appreciate it.

MARCH 9, 2008

 9           COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  Obviously a very, very disappointing
        day for us.  The scenario that you always -- you always dread
10      where the other team plays the perfect game and you're having one
        of those nights, and so it was pretty tough, pretty frustrating
11      for us, but regardless of this afternoon, I can't be more proud
        of this team and all that they've done, all they've given, all
12      they've accomplished this year.  Just because we had one bad game
        doesn't change the way that I feel about them.
13           MEDIA:  Boo, it was 18-17, 7 minutes left in the half, and
        then they scored 19 straight points.  What was exactly happening
14      out there on the court?
             KEITH RICHARDSON:  They made some tough shots, you know.
15      They came out hot.  We started off good, and you know, they got
        like four shooters and a great point guard distributing the ball.
16      We just couldn't get the rebound and get the second-chance shot
        opportunities, but you know, they knocked down a lot of big shots
17      and they got momentum.  It just went the other way.
             MEDIA:  Osiris, what would you say was the downfall for you
18      guys today?
             OSIRIS ELDRIDGE:  Like Boo said, they made incredible shots,
19      we didn't guard as well as we wanted to, and I think we could
        have penetrated more instead of settling for a lot of jump shots
20      on our offensive side, but you know, like Coach said, it was just
        one of those nights for us where we couldn't get nothing going.
21      The first half kind of, you know, stubbed us for the second half
        of the game, and it was just, you know, a tough night.
22           MEDIA:  Anthony, you guys have not had, like Coach said, a
        night like this all season.  How frustrating is that when you're
23      on the court and nothing seems to be happening?
             ANTHONY SLACK:  For it to happen this game, it sucks real
24      bad.  We couldn't get nothing going on the offensive end and
        couldn't stop them on the defensive end.  It was a snowball
25      effect, you know.  We get a stop, they come down and hit a couple
        nice shots and we couldn't get nothing on the offensive game.
 1      They ran away with the game.  Give credit to Drake.  It was just
        very frustrating for us and for the team.
 2           MEDIA:  Obviously this question has to be asked of Boo.  Is
        it going to be a long week, kind of waiting around to see if you
 3      guys are going to make it to the NCAA or not?
             KEITH RICHARDSON:  Yeah, it's going to be a long week.
 4      We've got to stay humble.  No matter if we make it or not, we
        still gotta stay in shape, get our wind, take a couple days, and
 5      relax our body and keep a positive attitude and stay in the gym,
        work on a couple jump shots and do things to keep you winning and
 6      stay positive.
             MEDIA:  Osiris, this is your chance to make a plea to the
 7      NCAA committee.  Why do you guys deserve to get a bid?
             OSIRIS ELDRIDGE:  We worked hard all season, you know, the
 8      whole season.  We just came up short in the end.  I think
        everybody deserves a shot to play in the post season, especially
 9      Boo, Shy, Levi, especially Dom.  He got sick towards the end of
        the season.  He had to sit out a couple games, so I think, you
10      know, I think we earned, you know, the right to play post season
        and give those guys a chance to play in the NCAA tournament.
11           MEDIA:  It was mentioned earlier to Boo, for you, Osiris, is
        it going to be the hardest thing for seven days, just to wait,
12      you know, and watch other teams play and try to make their cases
        for bids and there's nothing more for you guys to do?
13           OSIRIS ELDRIDGE:  I think, you know, it's not going to be
        hard.  I think we're going to, you know, just take our time, you
14      know, get some rest, like Boo said, and just, you know, wait
        until we get a verdict or whatever, but I don't think it's going
15      to kill anybody, you know, to know what, you know, what's going
        to happen.
16           MEDIA:  Anthony, obviously both teams have played three
        games in three days, but it looked in the second half -- was it
17      fatigue on the team's part or maybe the realization it wasn't
        going to happen tonight?  Obviously a lot of shots were short.
18           ANTHONY SLACK:  I don't think it was fatigue.  I think they
        just got into a real good rhythm, you know, on both sides of the
19      floor.  When one guy hits a shot, you hold him, and another guy
        hits a shot.  It burns up the team's confidence.  Their shooters
20      are hard to guard.  We just couldn't get a stop when we needed
21           MR. DALFONSO:  Anything else for the student athletes of
        Illinois State?  Okay, gentlemen.  Thank you very much.  We'll
22      dismiss you and stay with the head coach for a while.  We'll
        start with these two.
23           MEDIA:  Tim, 18-17.  You guys are in pretty good shape at
        that point.  Why did it just go downhill from there?
24           COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  Well, when both sides are going wrong,
        when you can't find a way to make a basket, that's bad enough,
25      but when you're obviously not stopping them, I mean, this was --
        this was, you know, we got whipped today.  We got whipped, and we
 1      got whipped for two reasons.  One, Drake was terrific.  They were
        absolutely terrific.  We've played them three times, and the
 2      other two times we played them were basically the last possession
        inside of 30 seconds, it was a one-possession game, and they
 3      played very well in both of those, and so did we.  Today they
        probably -- they played better today.  That was the best game
 4      I've seen them play, and obviously we helped that in some ways,
        but at the same time regardless of opponent, we had one of those
 5      days.  We've had nothing going.  I mean, you know, we couldn't
        make anything.  We just had wide open shots, and you can't shoot
 6      what, 18 percent from 3 against Drake.  I mean, you do that, and
        you have absolutely no chance, and we didn't.  But I thought they
 7      were fantastic today.
             MEDIA:  Coach, how would you assess your season as a whole?
 8           COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  Outstanding.  From where -- from where
        we started, from where these guys came from last year, the year
 9      before, where people picked us, you know.  I hear a lot about
        where Drake was picked, but you know, we weren't exactly picked
10      to win the league.  These guys were basically not given very much
        respect really all year long from preseason on, and maybe that
11      was from the past, but I think they've had an outstanding year.
        I really do.  And the thing I feel badly for them and us, me,
12      everybody, but them more because they're the ones that have to go
        work every day is if you followed our team closely this year,
13      it's been amazing how competitive this group is every single
        night.  I can't remember a team I've ever been with where there
14      weren't five nights, five games where the team was flat or
        distracted or overconfident and didn't come ready to play.  All
15      those kinds of things that keep coaches up at night.  This group
        hadn't done it once, not once, not one practice, not one game,
16      not one shootaround, not one anything.  They didn't do it today.
        We just played poorly.  When you shoot that badly, usually you
17      have no legs.  Third game in three days, and I know they had the
        same situation, but they zone.  You know, they play zone all the
18      time, and we try to play pressure man.  Maybe that has something
        to do with it in three days.  I don't know.  It's not an excuse,
19      but I'm just saying we definitely didn't have the pep in our
        step.  When you start missing a lot of shots, you don't have very
20      much, so that just compiled the problem.
             MEDIA:  Coach, does Drake -- are they one of these teams
21      that can really make a run in the NCAA tournament, do you think?
             COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  I've said that for a long time.
22      They're the best shooting team I've seen in something 20 years.
        They have more deep shooting weapons than anyone I've ever seen,
23      and unless they have a poor shooting night -- if they have a
        night, you know, similar to what we had, but they're not going to
24      do that.  They've got too many good shooters.  We don't have the
        shooters, obviously, that they have.  Not even close, but I do
25      think -- I think they'll be a very tough out in the NCAA.
        There's going to be some people that have not watched them that
 1      may not quite understand what they're going to get in for once
        they face them.  They're really talented.  I mean, this is a
 2      talented -- they've got what, four guys in the top ten in our
        league.  This is a very, very, very talented team.  I mean,
 3      people act like they're not, but I've got news for you.  That's
        an outstanding team, and they're going to be a great
 4      representative.  I wouldn't be surprised if they make a long,
        long run in the tournament.  I'm not trying to put pressure on
 5      them, but they're really talented.
             MEDIA:  Coach, how frustrating is it that this was the game
 6      that they didn't have the pep in their step on the national scene
        for a championship?  It didn't happen today.
 7           COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  It's probably not the one I'd pick.
        If I was going to pick one, I probably would have picked one of
 8      them in November, but it's what it is, and you know, you can
        frame it a couple ways.  You can say boy, how unbelievably
 9      disappointing which it is, or you can look at how great that
        these guys have won 24 games and played the championship game
10      given where they came from.  That's the way I'm going to choose
        to look at it.
11           MEDIA:  Coach, how much do you think the margin today and
        the fact that you had this game today, how much do you think that
12      hurts your chances for an at-large bid?
             COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  No idea because I don't know how --
13      I've never been on the committee.  I've never really actually
        talked to committee members about whether they listen to ESPN,
14      all the stuff that we have to be put through about every single
        day about who's in and who's out and who's on the bubble and all
15      that.  I don't know whether they listen to that.  I don't know
        whether they consciously watch every game that they can, so I
16      really don't have any idea.  I hope it's not.  Obviously I hope
        they look at your season, they look at the body of work, they
17      look at the last -- they've always said last ten games, all those
        kinds of things.  I think we're pretty strong, but if they're
18      just going to look at this and make that a big part of it, then
        that will obviously hurt us.
19           MEDIA:  Tim, you mentioned talent.  Obviously you put that
        with the way that they play the game, and a lot of people here
20      have talked about how that's -- they've described it as a clinic.
        Is there a better word than that to describe them?
21           COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  Shooting makes you look really good,
        okay.  Great shooters -- it's why we struggle as a country in
22      international play, okay.  We haven't won the Olympics in quite
        some time.  You go to international basketball, in Argentina,
23      everybody on the floor is knocking 3s in.  All of the sudden the
        floor gets really, really big.  More than anything else is their
24      ability to shoot the ball.  It makes them very unconventional,
        and particularly the big guys.  Some teams have a big guy that
25      can shoot but not three guards that can really shoot.  In their
        case they have four guys that can really, really shoot from crazy
 1      range and a great point guard who is not a shooter but he doesn't
        need to be because they put the ball in his hands and ask him to
 2      make plays.  I love the make-up of their team.  It's the perfect
        pieces.  You take a couple shooters off and put some really other
 3      talented guys in that don't shoot well, they'd look totally
        different.  I'm not saying they wouldn't be really good, but
 4      they'd look totally different.  Shooting, great shooting, always
        makes for really pretty basketball, and it's always really fun
 5      when you have that.
             MEDIA:  Coach, I asked Osiris this, and you said you don't
 6      talk to -- you haven't talked to committee members, but this is
        your chance to make your plea for your team to make the NCAA
 7      tournament.
             COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  I'm not going to have that.  I hate
 8      hearing coaches do that.  It just kind of -- you know, it kind of
        drives me nuts.  What I think and what I say I don't think will
 9      have any bearing on it whatsoever, but do I think that we're
        deserving?  Yes, I do.  I'm not going to sit up here, you know,
10      and say the whys and heretofores and all those kinds of things.
        The committee has a tough job.  They do.  They've got a tough job
11      every single year.  There's going to be about four or five teams
        that feel cheated every year, and it's going to be the same exact
12      dialogue after the fact.  You just put different people in those
        names, okay.  I've been on both sides of it.  I've been one time
13      when you talk about feeling cheated.  Whew.  I've been on the
        other end of it where everything went well, so I understand it.
14      I think it's a very difficult job.  Do I think we deserve it?
        Absolutely, but so do, you know, 10 or 12 others that are
15      probably in the same pool that we are.
             MEDIA:  Tim, in an odd sense going into a tournament, if you
16      couldn't win today, is there any psychological benefit to really
        getting knocked on your -- I mean, in terms of your team
17      regaining focus?
             COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  No, probably not.  With a lot of
18      teams, yes.  I think with some teams you would definitely feel,
        you know, if you had one of those seasons where the guys were
19      kind of down in the stretch, were kind of full of themselves and
        you're winning and you're not really listening to the coach and
20      guys are having their own agenda, this is not one of those
        groups.  In our case, no.  I don't think there's any positive
21      other than maybe I should say other than this is a really
        determined group, so maybe from that, the sting and the pain that
22      they feel, that we all feel, if we channel it in the right
        direction, come to think of it, maybe there is something there,
23      yes.
             MR. DALFONSO:  Thank you, Tim.  Congratulations on a fine
24      season.
             COACH TIM JANKOVICH:  Appreciate it.