Hall of Fame Inductees (1997-present)
Wednesday, April 30, 2003

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1997 Induction Class
Larry Bird, Indiana State

1997 Induction Class

Larry Bird, Indiana State

Hersey Hawkins, Bradley

Coach Henry Iba, Oklahoma A&M

Ed Macauley, Saint Louis

Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati

Dave Stallworth, Wichita State

Wes Unseld, Louisville 


1998 Induction Class 

Bob Kurland, Oklahoma A&M

Chet Walker, Bradley

Xavier McDaniel, Wichita State 


1999 Induction Class 

Antoine Carr, Wichita State

Joe Carter, Wichita State

Melody Howard, Missouri State

Holli Hyche, Indiana State 


2000 Induction Class 

Dick Boushka, Saint Louis

Coach Maury John, Drake

Cleo Littleton, Wichita State


2001 Induction Class

Larry Finch, Memphis

Coach Ralph Miller, Wichita State


2003 Induction Class

Johnny Bright, Drake

Coach Lew Hartzog, Southern Illinois


2004 Induction Class

Paul Unruh, Bradley

Coach Bob Ehrhart, Drake


2005 Induction Class

Phil Stephenson, Wichita State

Coach Chuck Orsborn, Bradley


2006 Induction Class

Mitchell Anderson, Bradley


2007 Induction Class

Jackie Stiles, Missouri State


2008 Induction Class

Bob Harstad, Creighton

Kevin Little, Drake

Coach Ed Jucker, Cincinnati


2009 Induction Class

Junior Bridgeman, Louisville

Coach John Coughlan, Illinois State

Coach Eddie Hickey, Creighton-Saint Louis


2010 Induction Class

Kyle Korver, Creighton

Coach Cheryl Burnett, Missouri State

Coach Rich Herrin, Southern Illinois


Paul Morrison Award 

Paul Morrison, Drake (1997)

Dr. Lee Bevilacqua, Creighton (1998)

Glen McCullough, Bradley (1999)

John Sanders, MVC (2004)

Roland Banks, Wichita State (2006)

Mark Stillwell, Missouri State (2008)

Jimmy Wright, Missouri State (2009)

Fred Huff, Southern Illinois (2010)


Lifetime Achievement

Kenneth Shaw, Illinois State (1998)

John Q. Hammons, Missouri State (2000)

Will Robinson, Illinois State (2003)

Arad McCutchan, Evansville (2004)

Dr. Charlotte West, Southern Illinois (2005)

Duane Klueh, Indiana State (2006)

Jim Byers, Evansville (2008)

Dr. Jill Hutchison, Illinois State (2008)

John Wooden, Indiana State (2009)

John L. Griffith, Drake (2009)


Institutional Great 

Doug Collins, Illinois State (1998)

Walt Frazier, Southern Illinois (2000)

Jim Hart, Southern Illinois (2001)

Wanda Ford, Drake (2001)

Cathy Boswell, Illinois State (2003)

Bruce Baumgartner, Indiana State (2003)

Bob Gibson, Creighton (2005)

Carole Baumgarten, Drake (2006)

A.J. Robertson, Bradley (2008)

Lorri Bauman, Drake (2009)

Other MVC Awards
Most Courageous Award (began in 2001)

2001 Mandy Kappel, Drake; Martha Chaput, Drake (WBB)

2002 Kwame James, Evansville (MBB); Bruce Mason, MVC

2003 Megan Fong, Bradley (Tennis)

2004 Kama Bennah, Creighton (Soccer)

2005 Laura Doornbos, Illinois State (VB)

2006 Cori Meyer, Wichita State (VB)

2007 Scott Kerr, Drake (athletics trainer); Shelby Lile, Bradley (cross country, track)

2008 Molly Arnold, Illinois State

2009 Bob Boxell, Evansville (SID)

2010 Dan Callahan, Southern Illinois (baseball)


John Sanders "Spirit of the Valley" Award (began in 2004)

2005 Andi Myers (Indiana State)

2006 Bill Rowe (Missouri State)

2007 Mitch Holthus (MVC TV)

2008 Mike Reis (Southern Illinois)

2009 Johnny Overby (Missouri Valley Conference)

2010 Dr. Mary Jo Wynn (Missouri State)