Wichita State Claims 2013-14 All-Sports Crown

Wichita State is the 2013-14 Missouri Valley Conference All-Sports Champion. It marks the eighth crown in the past 11 years for Wichita State, which has a league best 20 all-time. WSU also won last season’s all-sports trophy race.

Wichita State finished first or second in 12 of the 15 sports it sponsors (with cross country - men’s and women’s - and baseball the lone exceptions). The Shockers set a school record with eight team championships (volleyball, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s outdoor track & field, men’s golf, women’s golf, softball, and women’s tennis) and finished second in four others.

Pts. Team (Championships)
2.133 Wichita State (8)
3.538 Indiana State (4)
3.971 Illinois State (1)
4.031 Southern Illinois (2)
4.900 UNI (1)

Pre-Women’s Sports (1907-1982)
6 - Oklahoma A&M (1948-49)
6 - Houston (1959-60)
6 - Southern Illinois (1976-77)
5 - Oklahoma A&M (1947-48)
5 - Oklahoma A&M (1953-54)
5 - Houston (1959-60)

Pre-MVC/Gateway Merger (1983-92)
8 - Illinois State (1984-85)
6 - Illinois State (1982-83)
6 - Southern Illinois (1983-84)
6 - Illinois State (1988-89)
6 - Illinois State (1989-90)
5 - Southern Illinois (1982-83)

MVC (one umbrella - 1993-present)
8 - Wichita St. (2013-14) (t-1st vb, wbb)
7 - Wichita State (2005-06)
7 - Wichita St. (2009-10) (t-1st baseball)
5 - 9 times

Despite Wichita State’s championship dominance, eight different institutions won at least one league title this year. Indiana State was next best with four crowns. Counting Wichita State this year, only three times since 1992-93 (merger of MVC men’s and women’s sports) has an institution had more than five team titles.

Fueled by those four titles and second-place showings in five other sports, Indiana State had its highest finish in the league’s all-sports trophy race, matching a school-record second-place showing in 1999-00. ISU’s aggregate score of 3.538 was its best ever. Notably, both Bradley and Missouri State had the biggest one-season jumps, climbing three spots from their 2012-13 finishes.

Wichita State set a record with its aggregate score this year (2.133), surpassing its own record of 2.300, established in 2012-13. Counting Wichita State this year, a school has had an aggregate point total better than 3.0 (average finish of each sponsored sport) nine times since 1993-94. Before Wichita State’s back-to-back record-setting performances, Illinois State’s 2.47 score in 1996-97 was the previous league standard.

Illinois State finished third in the all-sports race with a score of 3.971. ISU, which has 12 all-sports crowns have finished first, second, or third in 23 of the past 24 years.

Either Illinois State, Missouri State or Wichita State, meanwhile, has earned the league’s all-sports championship trophy every year since 1995. Illinois State won five of six all-sports championships from 1996-2001, while Missouri State claimed the league’s trophy in 2001-02, 2002-03 and in 2011-12. Illinois State, meanwhile, continued its phenomenal streak by finishing in the Top 5 of the all-sports trophy race for a 32nd-straight year. The Redbirds finished third in 2013-14. 

With a score of 4.031, Southern Illinois finished fourth in the all-sports trophy standings, taking team titles in men’s and women’s cross country. UNI, meanwhile, took fifth with an aggregate score of 4.900 and the Panthers shared the volleyball regular-season crown with Wichita State.

The All-Sports Trophy is based on a school’s average finish in each of the sponsored championships by the Missouri Valley Conference. Teams are awarded one point for first, two for second, three for third, etc., and the total accumulated points are divided by the number of sports in which a particular school competes. Finishes in baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball are based on regular-season competition. All other sports are determined by finish at the championship tournament or championship meet.